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And We Sat Somewhere In Between

To Kismetff

Best advice ever …in hospital now and hopefully in active labor!

  1. mitchesbcray said: Yay for a healthy baby, quick (and as relatively painless as possible) deliver, and happy family!
  2. yourpeetaisshowing said: Good luck!
  3. kismetff said: Good luck! Wishing you a productive labor and quick and healthy delivery!
  4. survivewithoutanyone said: I hope it’s a quick delivery. Good luck.
  5. anywaysrainydays said: Gah, so exciting! Woohoo!!!
  6. chelziebelle said: Yaaaaaaay baby! :D
  7. alonglineofbread said: ah! good luck!
  8. pookieh said: OMG!!! All the best for the delivery!!! Good luck!!!
  9. dispatchesfromdistrict7 said: Good luck!
  10. streetlightlove1 posted this

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